The Missing Link.

"Habits are meant to be used in moderation, and not abused, like an engine running the red line for too long."

For many years, my main goal in life was to coach and improve athletes efficiency and

success, like tuning up machines, in order to squeeze out more tasty productivity and success juices.

I worked with tools and methods that would allow them to cram more into the game and training.

My athletes made big results, great success and BANG! They crashed and had to start all over again.

Now, I do something else, something different, I teach them The big why, habits and selfeducation.

Im talking about the missing link.

Henric Johansson.

"Henric helped me understand the art of mindfulness and to be a mindful athlete.

With good habits and clarity...I guess I'm a much more effective and happier athlete and...human."

Graham Bryant

"Attention, focus and choice are foundational to the practice of mindfulness in sport.

To add good habits and education, knowing my big why...i found the missing link.

Paul Ink

Learning about staying in my comfort zone...made me stronger and happier. Today i have bigger results and better performance.

Lisa Svensson